Quicker Matchmaking Now in NHL 24 Alongside Roster Refresh

NHL 24 Online Matchmaking

NHL 24 Receives A Decent Roster Update and Improved Matchmaking Search Times.

NHL 24 Online Matchmaking

EA Sports has rolled out the first roster update for NHL 24 along with significant matchmaking enhancements to provide a smoother online experience. While new control schemes are still incoming, these changes aim to polish NHL 24’s core gameplay.

Fresh Roster Player Ratings

The roster update introduces fresh player ratings and attributes to better reflect the current NHL season. Meanwhile, under-the-hood matchmaking tweaks are reducing the time it takes to find online teammates and opponents.

Specifically, EA accelerated how quickly the acceptable skill level (MMR) and ping range expands during matchmaking. This widens the pool of potential compatible teammates and rivals over time.

Search duration limits have also been reduced across multiple modes. For example, the maximum search in 3v3 Quickplay drops from 150 seconds to just 60 seconds. Equivalent reductions apply to both 3v3 and 6v6 EASHL searches.

Rule Changes Also Speed Up Goalie Matching

NHL 24 Roster Update

Additionally, after 30 seconds Quickplay 3v3 will now allow matches between human and CPU goalies, rather than restricting to human vs human or CPU vs CPU. This change gets players into games faster.

Between improving search parameters and shortening matchmaking windows, NHL 24’s online modes should feel more responsive thanks to the update.

While control improvements remain on the horizon, these under-the-hood refinements provide a smoother experience immediately. The new physics engine allowing crisp graphics helps reduce the need for updates in that department. Quicker connections mean less waiting around and more time enjoying hockey action.

Dedicated NHL gamers log countless collective hours in online versus modes annually. So seemingly minor reductions in waiting for matches can significantly upgrade overall enjoyment.

Electronic Arts recently unveiled the 2024 NHL 24 World Championship plans on their official website in a bid to find out who’s the best hockey gamer on Earth.

By monitoring metrics and responding with targeted improvements, EA Canada continues fine-tuning NHL 24 post-launch. While bigger changes lie ahead, these updates display responsive stewardship of the National Hockey League series.

NHL 24 is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

Source – EA

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