EA Sports NHL 24 Now Available with Gameplay Upgrades

NHL 24 Out Now
NHL 24 Out Now

EA Sports has officially released NHL 24, the latest entry in the long-running ice hockey video game franchise.

The new title introduces several gameplay innovations aimed at capturing the intense action and physics of the real-life sport. NHL 24 is now available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The official PlayStation X account tweeted a video celebrating the launch which can be viewed below.

Exhaust Engine Simulates Real-World Fatigue

Built using EA’s Frostbite engine, NHL 24 debuts the Exhaust Engine to better simulate the sustained exertion and resulting fatigue experienced over a grueling NHL game. The Sustained Pressure system recreates the effects of extended offensive pressure in the attacking zone, leading to situational boosts and penalties like shaken goalie focus.

The Goalie Fatigue feature expounds on this concept, with netminders becoming progressively slower to react the more they are barraged by shots over the course of a match. This compels users to strategically manage when to barrage the goal and when to ease up.

NHL 24 also overhauls its physics-based contact mechanics for crunchier and more realistic looking body checks and player collisions. Whether crashing the boards or finishing a bone-rattling open-ice hit, the improved physics better conveys the hard-hitting action hockey is known for.

Enhanced puck handling gives players more control and creativity. The Vision Passing system allows quickly targeting teammates anywhere on the ice to set up perfect tape-to-tape feeds. Total Control Skill Moves makes pulling off stunning dekes, fakes, and shots more intuitive with simplified controls.

Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) Mode Has New Features

NHL 24 Face Protector

The fan-favourite Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) mode gains a new HUT Moments feature that uses real-time synced player stats and events to let users recreate and reshare authentic plays from the current NHL season. HUT Moments strengthens the fantasy hockey experience. The 2024 NHL 24 World Championship was recently unveiled too on the official website.

While focused on finer gameplay refinements over bold new modes, NHL 24 demonstrates EA’s continued efforts to capture the essence of hockey through realistic physics, smart AI, and strategic mechanics. Subtle improvements like Sustained Pressure and Total Control combine to make each match feel more organic and unpredictable.

With its blend of authentic simulation and fun arcade accessibility, the title continues building on a strong foundation year after year. These latest enhancements bring fans one step closer to realising the ultimate virtual hockey experience. For now, the faithful can dig into another round of dynamic ice action refined to skate, check, and score better than ever before.

NHL 24 is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

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