Cult PS1 Game Hogs of War Getting Remaster After 23 Years

Hogs of War Lardcore PS1 Remake
Hogs of War Lardcore PS1 Remake

In an unexpected delight for retro gaming fans, the cult classic PlayStation 1 title Hogs of War is gearing up for a remastered comeback 23 years after first releasing. While a remake was announced 4 years ago, concrete details have been scarce until now. The tactical turn-based game amassed a dedicated following despite middling reviews.

Many consider it one of the PS One’s most underappreciated gems. After going dormant following its PS1 and PC launch, Hogs of War is ready to make a triumphant return with the upcoming Hogs of War Lardcore remaster set to soon launch a Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Launches October 17th, Ends November 16th

The Kickstarter aims to raise £150,000 to complete development of Lardcore, the Hogs of War remake. It will run from October 17th through November 16th. A video was uploaded to the developers official YouTube channel showcasing all the details which can be viewed below.

YouTube video

To entice backers, numerous stretch goals are planned, including a PC port, online multiplayer, extra modes, tweaked campaigns, cheats, achievements, and an ultra-hard mode. The ability to play online competitively or cooperatively is the most desired stretch benchmark, although its funding threshold is still unannounced. Backers can choose from 13 pledge tiers offering various physical and digital rewards to be detailed at launch.

While waiting on the remaster, fans can currently grab the original on Steam for $5.29 or the PS1 Classics version on PS3 for $5.99. However, the Steam release has technical issues on modern PCs. And the PS1 edition isn’t compatible with PS4 or PS5, limiting access to legacy platforms.

Devs Hoping For A PS4/PS5 and PC Port

Lardcore is targeting a release on PS4 and PS5, with a PC port as a reachable stretch goal. For the patient Hogs of War community, the hope is the Kickstarter succeeds so the remaster can reach modern systems. The chance to relive this creative gem with improved visuals and features after so many years is an exciting prospect.

The Kickstarter countdown has series devotees buzzing with anticipation. Hogs of War stands out as an innovative title that blended humour and engaging turn-based tactics. Though overlooked by many at launch, a dedicated fanbase has kept its legacy alive. Now Lardcore offers an opportunity to rediscover the quirky world of militarised pigs while introducing it to a new generation.

While the remaster seeks to update visuals and add requested features, the heart of the experience appears intact. The tactical single player campaign still challenges players to conquer territories by commanding pig soldiers with unique abilities. The personality-packed hogs bring levity to the strategic missions. Local multiplayer remains a big draw as friends take turns controlling factions.

By modernising such a nostalgic classic in considerate ways, the developers display a clear affection for the understated creativity that made Hogs of War special. The potential resurrection of a forgotten favourite demonstrates how remasters at their best breathe new life into gaming history. If the Kickstarter reaches its goals, Hogs of War could transition from obscurity to renown when Lardcore launches. For dedicated fans, the possibility is a dream come true.

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