Original PS One Tomb Raider Out Now On iOS

Tomb Raider For iOS

Square Enix have announced that the original Tomb Raider game that was first launched on the Sony PlayStation back in 1996, will now become available for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad users from today. To acquire the title, simply head over to the apple app store and you’ll find all the details there.

Tomb Raider For iOS
Tomb Raider For iOS

The mobile version will cost you £0.69 / $0.99, and the newly re-polished game comes with all those great levels and tombs that were in the original. This is a tremendous addition, and one that will be most welcomed by hardcore Lara Croft fans.

Play On iPhone Using Easy Touch Screen Controls

It’s also optimised for iPhone 5, with a recommended iOS 7.0 or higher compatibility as well. The Tomb Raider Reboot recently launched this year and was a huge success, with over 1 million playing the title in it’s first 48 hours of going live.

The iOS version of Tomb Raider is a faithful recreation of the original PlayStation One game, featuring the same gameplay mechanics and level design. Players take control of Lara Croft as she explores various tombs and ruins, solving puzzles, avoiding traps, and battling enemies.

Furthermore the game features updated graphics and touch screen controls, allowing players to navigate Lara Croft through the game’s various environments and engage in combat with ease. The controls have been optimised for touch screen devices, making it easy to jump, climb, and shoot with precision.

Additionally, players can choose to play the game using a Bluetooth game controller, which provides a more traditional gaming experience. Tomb Raider on iOS also features a few additional enhancements, such as the ability to save your progress at any point during the game, and the option to enable cheat codes that allow players to unlock special abilities and weapons.

Finally, Tomb Raider on iOS is a great way to experience this classic game on the go, whether you’re a fan of the original game or a newcomer to the series. With updated graphics, touch screen controls, and the ability to save your progress, this version of Tomb Raider is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

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