All The Tomb Raider Achievements For Xbox 360

Tomb Raider 2013 Achievements

The new Tomb Raider game is one of the most anticipated video games of the year 2013. The almighty comeback has got worldwide fans alike very excited about what to expect when it is released early this year. We have covered various posts on what’s new in the game amongst other things, but not everything.

We want to share with you the complete list of Tomb Raider achievements that can be unlocked on the Xbox 360 console. There are a number of unlockables to get you’re claws into. These are classed as spoilers and is leaked info, so if you don’t want to know in advance, then we suggest you look no further.

Below is the full list of achievements that the player can unlock whilst playing through the game. It will be released in March this year, we here at games latest news cannot wait.

Unlockable Achievements

  1. Shopaholic – You can unlock this when you purchase every character and upgrade in the multiplayer mode.
  2. Narcissistic – This is easily unlocked when you simply purchase a new character in the game.
  3. True commitment – When you reach level 60 in the multiplayer mode, this will be achieved.
  4. On my way up – When you reach level 10 in multiplayer, this will become achieved.
  5. Lights out – If you kill 10 enemies in the multiplayer mode with a melee type attack.
  6. Monkey around – If you manage to survive using the rope ascender 3 times, this will be unlocked.
  7. Master blaster – If you use 1 explosive and take out 2 of you’re enemies in multiplayer then this will be achieved.
  8. Sole survivor – In the multiplayer mode, simply become the sole survivor in you’re own multiplayer team.
  9. Escapist – Just literally survive 10 explosions in the multiplayer mode.
  10. I’m all that – Win an actual ranked match in the multiplayer game mode.
  11. Good Samaritan – Simply revive one of you’re teammates in the multiplayer mode.
  12. Adventurer – Play through a match and complete it in every single multiplayer mode.
  13. Entrapment – All you have to do is trap an enemy in multiplayer.
  14. Artilleryman – Using the turret, kill approximately 20 enemy’s in multiplayer.
  15. Chatterbox – Complete every single conversation with the endurance crew.
  16. Down boy! – Kill a zip lining enemy player.
  17. A survivor is born – This is unlocked by completing the game.
  18. Crab cakes – Kill FeeFee the crab.
  19. Inconceivable – Just complete every single one of the challenges.
  20. Boom goes the dynamite – Just shoot a load of dynamite into mid air.
  21. One smart cookie – Complete one of the optional tombs.
  22. Unfinished business – This is easily done by completing 1 single challenge in the game.
  23. Former adventurer – incapacitate 25 of the enemies using the dodge counter.
  24. Intellectually superior – Complete every single optional tomb to unlock this achievement.
  25. Get over here! – Pull the rope off of the edges with 5 enemy players.
  26. Dead-eye – Shoot 10 enemies off of the zip lines.
  27. Epic fumble – Make a enemy player drop the dynamite they are holding that will kill off two people.
  28. Down and dirty – Successfully carry out 10 finishers.
  29. Gunslinger – To unlock this achievement, simply kill 35 enemies with Lara’s pistol.
  30. Opportunist – Kill 25 of you’re enemies when they are not expecting it.
  31. Predator – Kill 50 enemy players using the bow.
  32. Widow maker – Use the shotgun to successfully kill 40 enemies.
  33. Feather duster – Kill 10 of the flying animals in the sky and loot them.
  34. Equalizer – Kill 75 enemy players using the rifle.
  35. Tastes like chicken – Kill 10 small animals and then loot them as well.
  36. Sharp shooter – Unlock this by performing 50 head shots in the single player game mode.
  37. Bookworm – Find 25% of all the documents you need to gather.
  38. Bag full o’ cache – Find 75% of all the GPS caches that you need.
  39. Relic hunter – Collect 25% of all possible relics.
  40. Looking for trouble – Find 25% of all the GPS caches you need.
  41. Historian – You unlock this when you have found 75% of all the in game documents.
  42. No stone left unturned – This achievement is unlocked when you have found all the GPS caches, relics and documents.
  43. Archeologist – Successfully collect 75% of all in game relics.
  44. Lethal – This is unlocked when you have purchased all the skills in every single category.
  45. Scrounger – Just salvage 5000 pieces.
  46. Now we’re getting serious – Simply upgrade and modify a single weapon to it’s maximum potential.
  47. Picky – Just loot 200 of you’re enemies.
  48. The professional – Every single weapon in you’re inventory is upgraded and fully modified to it’s max.
  49. Clever girl – Simply purchase every single skill in one single category.
  50. Big game hunter – successfully kill every single large animal in the game to unlock this achievement.

So that is the full list of achievements in the new Tomb Raider reboot that is due out in March in two months time from today’s date. Check back with us regularly to catch up on all the latest news, reviews and info regarding the new Tomb Raider game.

Tomb Raider 2013 Achievements
Tomb Raider 2013 Achievements

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