(DMC) Devil May Cry Game Review

DMC Review

Developed by Capcom, which is renowned for such Titles as Resident Evil, Street Fighter and my own favourite Megaman. The 1st Devil May Cry was released in 2001 and ever since has gained a big standing as the foil & gun kick ass bloodlust devil executing death defying game.

Devil May Cry: A Legendary Series by Capcom

Now the 3rd in the DMC series is out the game has had sufficient time to be fine tuned and techniques have been discovered to take out the upsetting bits as an example the camera angle has been fixed, a broader choice of moves has been put in and your devil executing armoury has been upgraded.

In stark contrast to the 2nd DMC this game was very successful as you only have one personality and the grand story line has been told from before the begging, that’s correct this game is the prequel to them all, but is also the very best of them all.

At the start you see the famous Dante sitting in his chair eating pizza when he his visited by some bald bloke who delivers a message from Dante’s bro Vergil, next moment Dante’s attack by devils and begins to kick some significant ass in a cut scene before allowing you to have a try at it.

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If you did not already know Dante is a half human half devil person, initially he seems like a normal guy but when you see him fight he isn’t so standard any more. About 1/2 way thru the game you can see Dante turn into a devil for a short while and also use this capability in battle.

As always, the game features the demon hunter Dante in the lead. As always, Dante’s power of transforming into a devil under certain circumstances has been kept. Add a loaded gun and a razor-sharp sabre and you have Dante, badder than previously.

Introducing Nero: A New Hero in Devil May Cry 3

This time nevertheless, you don’t get to plow through the whole game as the classy demon hunter, a new hero is available too with whom you should play for two thirds of the game. Enter Nero, an affiliate of a paranormal clan who is hunting Dante to revenge the slaying of their leader some years gone.

Nero hasn’t got a powerful armoury like Dante, but he has got a demonic arm which does turn out to be useful in doling out harm in scoops. Nero can draw enemies from a distance and also toss them all around, slice them up with his sabre, ‘the Red Queen ‘ and shoot thru their heads together with his gun, ‘the Blue Rose’.

The demonic arm brings a good quantity of assortment towards the game and it’s truly a good deal of entertaining pulling off difficult combos to acquire excellent bonuses to break, health or any other stats. Later into the game, Nero takes a fascinated weapon that’s a wonder to witness.

The battles in the game are nearly untiring as just as you believe your losing interest another weapon is handed to you and you can unharness one more devastating combo. The story is pretty incredible as well what could actually be better than Dante needing to stop his Malignant twin bro Vergil from opening the gate into the devil world and soaking up their pops devil powers?

The DMC Reboot gets a Rating: 7 out of 10 overall.

DMC Review
DMC Review

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