DMC In Game Glitches

DMC Glitches

We are not taking anything away from an absolutely outstanding game and one that we personally enjoy. DMC (Devil May Cry) has had some bugs in game recently and the fans are not happy at all.

Various reports over the Internet can be seen on such website like the biggest video sharing website (YouTube) with videos of glitches having been put up. The social networking sites have got in on the act too, with angry fans tweeting on Twitter about the glitches.

DMC is still a worthwhile video game to play and the glitches are not bad to an extent of the game being unplayable. Capcom don’t usually have these types of issues in any of their titles normally. The fact that DMC has been an overall flop in the video game sales charts as well, does not bode well for the game makers.

The main character “Dante” can actually be flying in the air with one of the possible glitches. Other ones include going outside of the playable area, invisible items and being invincible. The DMC forums are going crazy with fans posting all their bugs they encountered.

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Lets not take away the fact that Devil May Cry is a very exciting and entertaining video game to play. We just thought we’d let our readers know that they are not along when it comes to these in game glitches.

DMC Glitches
DMC Glitches

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