War of the Roses: Kingmaker Gold Edition on the way

There will be a gold edition of War of the Roses Paradox Interactive have recently announced. The special gold version will be called Kingmaker and will be out sometime late 2013.

Kingmaker will include all the perks, armor and weapons that have since been released when the game came out in October last year. The armor sets for both of the white and red rose. All previously released content will now be jam packed into this gold edition.

Not finishing there though, Kingmaker will actually have two all new game modes that will be named Assault and Assault Castle respectively. There will also be a completely free trial version on February 6th of War of the roses. Anybody will be able to download the trial to play the game.

Gamers will be limited to only a handful of features on the trial version of the game though. Any unlockables will not be able to be accessed and you will only have access to the basic weapons and classes.

The War of the Roses: Kingmaker gold edition will be out on the PC later in the year.

war of the roses kingmaker

War of the Roses Kingmaker

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