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The Dead Space 3 Demo Gets 2M Downloads

Dead Space 3 Downloads

Game developers EA have revealed that their Dead Space 3 demo has now hit a whopping 2 million downloads in just a short space of time. That figure is already 10 percent better off on the Dead Space 2 demo downloads overall total.

So with the demo getting so many people downloading it, the actual full version game could really make a go of it. There is a lot of heavy competition in the games industry as of late. Such titles as FIFA 13, COD: Black Ops 2, Halo 4 and Far Cry 3 just to name a few.

Having said that, these massive games have been in the games charts for a good number of weeks now. We have seen that DMC has flopped and not done as good as it’s overall expectations. There is a real chance that with the number of Dead Space 3 fans, this game can grab this opportunity with both hands and make a real profit.

The pre order figures for Dead Space 3 also look good EA have said. They are outdoing it’s predecessor in that department too. The game is out in North America as of tomorrow. Then, Dead Space 3 hits Europe on Friday 8th February.

Dead Space 3 Downloads
Dead Space 3

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