EA Say No Patch For Dead Space 3 Farming Glitch

Dead Space 3 glitch

EA have come out this week and said that the new farming glitch in their new game Dead Space 3, will not receive a patch. The game has only just been released last week and this news will be music to the fans ears.

There has been a gamer that found the glitch only a matter of days ago whilst he was playing. The gamer even uploaded a video to YouTube in an attempt to let all the other players of Dead Space 3 know about the farming bug. Simply put, the glitch allow for players to farm resources which in turn will let them gain vital items with immense ease. This normally is considered a cheat or hack for the game and it is slightly surprising that EA are letting this one go.

Just a few days ago the new Awakened downloadable content got a release date, so fans will be able to get additional content for the title.

There will be people paying good money for Microsoft points in order to obtain these valuable items legitimately and fairly. So the gamers that do it by the book will not be too pleased with EA’s approach.

EA have said that if players decide that they want to use this glitch and exploit the game, then they are free to do that. The giant games company stand to lose out on some added revenue because of this bug though, so fair play to them for that.

The game developers also added that they deliberately wanted this type of outcome and encourage players to harvest resources as much as they like. The third instalment is hugely popular with over 2 million users downloading the demo so far. What do you think to this amazing story? Get in touch and comment using the box below.

Dead Space 3 glitch
Dead Space 3 glitch

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