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Sony Launch New YouTube App

YouTube PS3 app

Sony Computer Entertainment have officially launched a brand new YouTube app for their PlayStation 3 console. The application is available in various European countries, aswell as New Zealand and down under in Australia.

The app can be located on the my channels tab which you have to be signed into your YouTube account to use it. The app has been designed specifically for the PS3  and large screens.

By using this new app, you will have much better search tools and even more content than ever before. There are added language options available and also you can use your smartphone with the app.

You will get search specific suggestions with your video results and see what your subscribers are up to aswell. The new app is live in the UK, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Belgium, Sweden, France, South Africa, Greece, Czech Republic, India, Germany, Poland, Israel and Spain.

YouTube PS3 app
YouTube PS3 app

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