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New DMC DLC Vergil’s Downfall Release Date

There is even more downloadable content being released for Devil May Cry and the Bloody Palace DLC only got released today! The new add-on is called Virgil’s Downfall and you will play the part of Dante’s brother Vergil. The add-on will get a release date of March 5th on the PSN and will cost around […]

DMC: Bloody Palace DLC Has Gone Live

The new downloadable content for Devil May Cry has now officially gone live today and the best part of Bloody Palace, is it’s completely free. The developers of DMC (Capcom) have issued this latest DLC to be a freebie, so it’s good news all round for the fans of the series. The reboot has not […]

DMC Bloody Palace Mode Out February 20th

For gamers of the latest Devil May Cry reboot, you may have played through most of the game already. You’re probably wanting a little more extra content to play through right? Well now it has been confirmed that Bloody Palace which is a brand new game mode for DMC will be out on February 20th […]

DMC In Game Glitches

We are not taking anything away from an absolutely outstanding game and one that we personally enjoy. DMC (Devil May Cry) has had some bugs in game recently and the fans are not happy at all. Various reports over the Internet can be seen on such website like the biggest video sharing website (YouTube) with […]

DMC Review

(DMC) Devil May Cry Game Review

Developed by Capcom, which is renowned for such Titles as Resident Evil, Street Fighter and my own favorite Megaman. The 1st Devil May Cry was released in 2001 and ever since has gained a big standing as the foil & gun kick ass bloodlust devil executing death defying game. Now the 3rd in the DMC […]

New DMC Trailer With Gameplay

So Devil May Cry fans have been waiting in the wings anticipating a trailer filled with gameplay would arrive soon and now it has. We have the video of the latest trailer that showcases some of the gameplay. We are very excited about this game as it is one of the all time favourites amongst […]

Our Preview On DMC (Devil May Cry)

Capcom are on the verge of one of their most loved games release date which is due to hit us in January 2013. Other than the Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry is their most famous and has a huge following because of it’s massive success. We are really big fans of the franchise and […]