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DMC: Bloody Palace DLC Has Gone Live

The new downloadable content for Devil May Cry has now officially gone live today and the best part of Bloody Palace, is it’s completely free. The developers of DMC (Capcom) have issued this latest DLC to be a freebie, so it’s good news all round for the fans of the series.

The reboot has not passed it’s early expectations in the first month of it’s long awaited release. Overall doing poorly with sales and therefore slipping out of the video games chart worldwide.

This latest DLC will feature a massive 101 different levels to compete in and all are full of hundreds of monsters to destroy. There will also be 5 big bosses to be thrown into the mix aswell. Dante is the main character as you would expect and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Players can also compete in a global leader board and gain points to try and get to that all important 1st place ranking. As we mentioned last week, you can only get this free DLC if you complete the main campaign mode first.

DMC Bloody Palace
DMC Bloody Palace

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