Murdered: Soul Suspect Out In 2014

Murdered Soul Suspect
Murdered Soul Suspect
Murdered Soul Suspect

A new crime solving video game called Murdered: Soul Suspect will be released in 2014 next year. Gamers will have to solve their own murder and unravel clues along the way to find the answers they seek.

Solve The Clues & Unravel The Mystery

Square Enix made the announcement today and said that the game will be out on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. There will be a Murdered Facebook page, Twitter account and website called where players must reveal the clues given.

The game takes place in the fictional town of Salem, Massachusetts, and follows the story of detective Ronan O’Connor, who is murdered during a botched investigation. However, instead of passing on to the afterlife, Ronan becomes a ghost, trapped in the world of the living. As a ghost, Ronan must solve the mystery of his own murder and bring the culprit to justice.

Gameplay in Murdered: Soul Suspect combines investigation, exploration, and stealth elements. As a ghost, Ronan can possess and influence people’s thoughts, read their minds, and gather clues to progress in the investigation. He can also teleport through walls, listen in on conversations, and interact with the environment to uncover secrets and unravel the truth.

The game features a dark and atmospheric setting, with a focus on storytelling and unraveling the intricate details of the murder case. Alongside the main storyline, players can also engage in side quests and encounter other ghosts with their own unfinished business.

Watch The Murdered Soul Suspect Launch Trailer

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Murdered: Soul Suspect places a heavy emphasis on puzzle-solving and deduction. Players must gather evidence, piece together clues, and make connections to progress in the investigation. The game challenges players to think like a detective, exploring crime scenes, interrogating witnesses, and overcoming supernatural obstacles to uncover the truth.

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The narrative-driven gameplay, unique supernatural elements, and a gripping mystery make Murdered: Soul Suspect a distinctive experience within the action-adventure genre.

A very neat concept and one that has never ever been used before so this game will offer something quite unique in that aspect.

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