Gungho Are Making £1M A Day From Mobile Game

Massive Japanese publisher and game developer (Gungho) are estimated to be making well over one million pounds a day from just one game. The money maker in question is puzzle and dragons.

The puzzle game has made over £30M this month already along, and continues to make big strides in the mobile gaming world. Puzzle and Dragons is a free to play game and is available on the IOS and Android.

This money that is being made is mainly in the country of Japan but it soon could catch on in other continents in the future. To play the game, you must destroy enemies, explore loads of different dungeons and collect loads of monsters.

The mobile game is number 1 in the Japanese charts and has been out available to the general public since February 2012, and had a release in European shores last November. Not a bad way to gain loads of profits, and this shows that mobile gaming has a big community.

Puzzle And Dragons

Puzzle And Dragons

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