The Final Weekly DLC For Rock Band Is April 2nd

Rock Band DLC
Rock Band DLC
Rock Band DLC

So the final weekly downloadable content for the video game Rock Band will be on April 2nd 2013. The game developers Harmonix made the announcement today, well in advance. So weekly DLC for the game will continue and then end on the date given.

The company have been working on other busy projects this year and don’t have the spare time to concentrate on the popular music game. Harmonix have regularly been handing out Rock Band DLC songs for 275 weeks and counting. The subtotal arises to a massive five years of weekly song releases and must be praised.

The number of songs is at 4000 ahead of the ending of the downloadable content. The vast number is more than what gamers who purchased the game to start with could have ever possibly imagined. A big well done must go to the producers of the game. Harmonix will probably come back to the game to add more in the future when other projects they’re working on are finished.

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