DMC Bloody Palace Mode Out February 20th

DMC Bloody Palace

For gamers of the latest Devil May Cry reboot, you may have played through most of the game already. You’re probably wanting a little more extra content to play through right? Well now it has been confirmed that Bloody Palace which is a brand new game mode for DMC will be out on February 20th 2013.

Players will be able to download the new game mode for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and enjoy additional gameplay. The mode consists of survival format in an arena type environment. It has been announced that there is also to be a leader board feature as well.

Mastering the Ultimate Challenge: Devil May Cry Bloody Palace Mode

Bloody Palace Mode is a recurring game mode in the Devil May Cry series. It is a challenging and intense gameplay mode designed to test players’ combat skills and endurance.

In Bloody Palace Mode, players are presented with a series of increasingly difficult levels or stages that are essentially combat arenas. The objective is to survive waves of enemies and progress through as many levels as possible. Each stage typically consists of multiple rounds where players must defeat all enemies within a time limit to proceed.

The enemies encountered in Bloody Palace Mode range from standard foes to more powerful bosses and even unique enemy combinations. As players advance through the stages, the difficulty and number of enemies increase, posing a greater challenge to overcome.

To aid players in their battles, various power-ups and items may be scattered throughout the arenas. These can provide health restoration, increased attack power, or other advantages to help players endure the onslaught of enemies.

Rewards & Unlockables

Completing stages and progressing further in Bloody Palace Mode typically rewards players with in-game currency or other unlockables. This allows players to purchase upgrades, new abilities, or additional characters to enhance their gameplay experience.

Bloody Palace Mode is often seen as a mode for advanced players who have mastered the game’s combat mechanics and are looking for a high-level challenge. It provides an opportunity to showcase skill, experiment with different playstyles, and aim for high scores or time-based achievements.

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There are more than 100 levels in total, so more than enough to enhance the games lifespan for a bit longer. You must however, complete the main campaign in order to access this new mode. More DLC will become available over the course of the next few months for DMC, so check back to see when.

DMC Bloody Palace
DMC Bloody Palace

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