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FIFA 14 Olympique Marseille Face Capture News

The whole team of EA Sports made the long trip to the historic club of Olympique Marseille to get the whole teams face captured. The French football giants would have been glad to see EA turning up as the players will now have their official faces in the new game.

The Marseille squads faces will all be updated and ready for FIFA 14 and gamers can expect many more of these trips in the next year. More teams are going to have all of their players faces in the game ahead of it’s big release this fall.

There is also talk that the Blue Squarer Premier will be introduced on FIFA 14 in September. This would be great for non league clubs and to have another added English league in the game. More countries are expected to be installed for the game aswell.

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FIFA 14 Marseille
FIFA 14 Marseille

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