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Heavy Gear Assault Is Coming To The PC

Heavy Gear Assault will be on it’s way to a proper console in the form of the PC providing that donations from fans of the franchise reach £400,000 soon. The developers (MekTekStudios) are behind developing the popular multiplayer killing game.

The aim of the game is to do battle in arena type environments and combat other mechanical machines. You can gain money in order to purchase more gears and other cool stuff to use in the game. Upgrades and customizations are all part of getting the best out of your character.

Volunteers who make donations towards the making of the video game will be rewarded with special bonuses. These include, beta access, the in game gears, and most probable all the downloadable content that will be released by the producers.

The Heavy Gear original game first came to our screens way back in the year 1999 and Activision were behind the making of the game which was called Heavy Gear 2 back then. This is a brand new headline and we will have more info on this story as it develops.

Heavy Gear Assault
Heavy Gear Assault



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