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Sony PlayStation 4 Meeting Is Tonight

Later tonight at approximately 6pm EST and 11pm GMT there will be one meeting that no gamer in the world will want to miss. Sony will be hosting a conference in New York City which is going to cover Sony’s year ahead in 2013.

Everyone is expecting that there will be an announcement about the new PlayStation 4 console. We will all have to wait and see, but we personally think that everyone has got it spot on and that’s exactly what’s going to be unveiled by the digital giants.

This is going to be a huge announcement because Sony have really pulled out all the stops for this meeting. At the live Uefa Champions League game last night, Arsenal were playing Bayern Munich. During the football match there were various banners showcasing and promoting this particular meeting.

This seems a lot of effort if it’s just going to be a small presentation by Sony, so we definitely think it will be the unveiling of the new PS4 next generation console. There are currently police officers outside the New York venue where the conference is going to take place.

We will keep you up to date with posts on this massive story through the night and hopefully get some screenshots of the new beauty of a console.

PS4 Meeting
PS4 Meeting

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