Improving Mobile Gaming Controls: Sony’s Latest Initiative

Sony Mobile Gaming

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s latest patent filing suggests that the company is exploring the integration of NFTs into its video games and consoles as reported by Segment Next. This is with the intention to focus on building a robust framework for this technology. Despite the decline in NFT popularity and the cryptocurrency market’s collapse, Sony seems to remain interested in the blockchain-based technology.

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As mobile gaming gains popularity over consoles, Sony is exploring new technologies to enhance its mobile games’ controls, as suggested by a recent patent application. It’s not unexpected for a gaming industry giant to focus on improving its offerings with the growing significance of mobile gaming in recent years.

Pushing The Q Lite

Sony is reportedly venturing back into the handheld gaming market with a new device codenamed Q Lite, according to recent leaks. Unlike its previous handheld consoles, such as the PSP and PlayStation Vita, the Q Lite will require a PS5 console to function and be primarily used for remote play. This move indicates Sony’s continued interest in the gaming market beyond home consoles, despite the commercial failure of its previous handheld efforts.

If rumours of the Q Lite being a handheld connected to the PS5 are accurate, the NFT framework could prove extremely beneficial for the tech giant. This, along with the acquisition of Savage Game Studios and recent patent filings, suggests that the gaming giant is actively pursuing the mobile gaming market with new technologies.

What do you make of these latest moves by Sony? Are you a massive mobile gamer or console, and do you think this pursuit will ultimately end in failure like the Vita or finally be a success. Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to give us a follow on our social media platforms too.

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