Ubisoft+ Expands to Xbox with 65 Games on Offer

Ubisoft+ Out Now On Xbox
Ubisoft+ Out Now On Xbox
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As part of a newly introduced cross-platform subscription, Ubisoft+ has finally become available on Xbox consoles. Rumoured for a while, Microsoft even accidentally confirmed the Ubisoft+ Xbox launch ahead of today’s official announcement.

Before mid-2022, Ubisoft’s game subscription service, previously known as Uplay+, was only available on PC. In celebration of its third anniversary, a smaller version of the game catalogue called Ubisoft+ Classics was introduced as part of the PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium bundles. The gaming company also confirmed plans to expand its subscription-based library to Xbox systems.

Starting from April 13th, Xbox console owners can access Ubisoft’s expanding game library through the Ubisoft+ Multi Access plan, which is priced at £15/$17.99 a month, the same as the Amazon Luna Ubisoft+ Channel. Furthermore the recently released plan provides access to titles via Amazon’s streaming service in any country where Luna is supported.

Availability & Full Library Details

Although Microsoft’s announcement mentions that Ubisoft+ Multi Access is not yet accessible on all Xbox consoles, according to Ubisoft’s support pages, the subscription has already launched in over 170 countries. This covers all Xbox console markets, except for China and you guessed it, Russia.

The emphasis of this subscription service will primarily be on older titles, although the selections included are typically complete editions with all DLC. It’s uncertain if Ubisoft+ will attract a large following on Microsoft’s consoles, given that it’s a direct rival to Xbox Game Pass.

This is especially true since the service mainly focuses on older games and can’t truly compete with the extensive game library of Game Pass.

You can check out all of the 65 available titles on the official Xbox website here and watch the reveal trailer below. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date. Let us know in the comments section on whether or not you’re going to entertain this new subscription service or give it a swerve.

Reveal Trailer For Ubisoft+ On Xbox

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