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Diablo 4 Battle Passes: A Completion Time Guide

Diablo IV
Diablo IV
Image credit Blizzard

Blizzard has revealed the duration it will take players to complete each season’s battle passes for Diablo 4, which will release following the game’s launch. As with many AAA online games, Diablo 4 will feature live service content and the battle passes will include a track of tiers. Players will have the chance to unlock free rewards, with the option to purchase premium rewards for $10/£10. Completing a battle pass in Diablo 4 will prove to be a challenging feat.

During a group interview with PC Gamer, associate game director Joe Piepiora was asked whether Diablo 4 was a MMO, RPG or action-RPG and he said:

“The answer is that Diablo 4 is an action RPG first, It is a dungeon crawling, monster slashing, monster killing, loot collecting game.”

Game Grinding Required

The developer of the action-RPG has announced that completing each battle pass will require approximately 80 hours of gameplay time. That’s a considerable amount and Blizzard notes that Diablo 4’s battle pass progression won’t strictly depend on playtime. The game features a seasonal journey, similar to it’s predecessor, that will contribute to player progression. Additionally, the battle pass includes XP boosts that players can accelerate their progression by using them efficiently.

Blizzard notes that players will have plenty of content to keep them busy along the way, despite the 80-hour duration of the battle pass. Blizzard aims to maintain players’ interest in each season of Diablo 4 by introducing unique seasonal mechanics that disappear once the season ends. Seasonal players will also face resets, having to progress from level 1 to 100 again. This approach will make the seasonal battle passes more engaging, and players can push themselves to reach endgame.

Every game has its own unique approach to battle pass progression, but most follow a simple structure. Players make progress by playing the game, with experience bonuses granted for playing in a team, fulfilling specific roles, or completing challenges. However, the core structure still revolves around an experience grind that rewards time invested in the game. After all, the main aim for developers is to keep you on their games for as long as possible and these added elements to titles really helps in maintaining attention span.

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On June 6, Diablo 4 will be heading your way on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Windows PC, PS4, and PS5.

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