Catch ‘Em All: Pokemon GO Unveils Latest Event Featuring Gen 7 Pokemon

Pokemon Go Events
Pokemon Go Events
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In a bid to introduce new content, Pokemon GO has announced the Sustainability Week 2023 event, featuring the debut of a Gen 7 Pokemon. Though recent changes to Remote Raids caused some tension, the game remains popular and frequently updated. The news comes from the official Pokemon Go website where the Sustainability Week was updates.

The tenth season of Pokemon GO is currently active, offering new content such as the legendary Pokemon Regieleki and the upcoming April Community Day featuring Togetic. With more events and Pokemon being added, players have the opportunity to expand their Pokedex and strengthen their teams for Raids and PvP.

Mark Down The Dates

The lovable Bounsweet from Gen 7 will make its debut in Pokemon GO during the upcoming Sustainability Week 2023 event. The event starts on April 20th at approximately 10 a.m and finish April 26th at 8:00 p.m. It will feature Bounsweet’s evolutions, Steenee and Tsareena. Other Pokemon such as Squirtle, Shellder, and Froakie will also appear with the chance of being shiny.

During Sustainability Week, players have the chance to hatch Drilbur, Bounsweet, and Cherubi, a Grass-type Pokemon with a infant-like appearance, from 2 km eggs. Pokemon at Ultra Buddy level or higher will receive souvenirs more frequently, while those at Great Buddy level or higher will get gifts with berries more often.

Upon completing a series of tasks in the Timed Research, players can earn rewards such as items and encounters with Bounsweet, Trubbish, and Drilbur. Meanwhile, completing the Field Research-themed tasks will reward players with Drilbur encounters.

Despite the recent controversy surrounding the change in Remote Raids, Pokemon GO remains committed to offering engaging content to its community. Gen 7 enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the game is now introducing Bounsweet and its evolutions.

Pokemon GO can be downloaded and played on mobile devices running either Android or iOS operating systems.

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