Pokemon GO’s Latest Update: Adds Team Rocket Shadow Raids

Pokemon GO Team Rocket Shadow Raids
Pokemon GO Team Rocket Shadow Raids

The popular mobile AR game, Pokemon GO, is set to introduce a stirring twist to its gameplay with the introduction of Team Rocket Shadow Raids and an array of enigmatic Pokemon. This addition is anticipated to send ripples through the game, potentially altering how players engage with it.

Since its launch, Niantic has kept the Pokemon GO community engaged by continually rolling out patches that tackled issues like bugs and crashes, and also introducing exciting features and content. The game’s expansive list of offerings has been supplemented over the years with captivating activities such as the Pokemon GO Fest, tours centred around the regions of Kanto and Johto, and special community days that focus on specific Pokemon. In 2019, Team Rocket was introduced to Pokemon GO, ushering in unique battles, shadow Pokemon, and a sinister version of the renowned balloon from the Pokemon anime series. Now, an impending update scheduled for May is set to revamp Team Rocket’s involvement in the game.

The Introduction of Team Rocket Shadow Raids: What Players Need to Know

Pokemon GO is primarily about catching Pokemon, but the introduction of Team Rocket Shadow Raids may entice fans who had strayed from the game to return. A recent video shared on Niantic’s social media channels underlined the modifications that the infamous Team Rocket will undergo. With an update slated for release on May 22nd, giving players little time to gear up for the forthcoming Shadow Raids. With these Raids, Team Rocket will seize control of various gyms throughout the Pokemon GO world, unleashing potent shadow Pokemon for players to combat and potentially capture. This system seems to draw parallels with the existing raid system but with a distinctive Team Rocket spin.

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Niantic has stated that alongside the implementation of Team Rocket Shadow Raids, players may still encounter standard raids amid the hot air balloon invasion. Three and five-star Shadow Raids will reportedly feature bosses that could turn aggressive during combat, thereby dealing higher damage that could impede players from capturing the shadow Pokemon. To partake in these new raids, players will be unable to use remote raid passes or obtain a team bonus. However, purified gems bestowed by Pokemon GO’s Professor Willow might aid in weakening the shadow Pokemon, thereby easing their capture.

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As of now, it remains to be seen how long Team Rocket’s reign over the numerous raids will last following their arrival on May 22nd. Furthermore, the specific shadow Pokemon that Team Rocket will bring with the update are yet to be disclosed. Given that Pokemon GO updates often involve adjusting select Pokemon, there is a chance players might not encounter their favourites in these raids.

Pokemon GO is presently accessible for Android and iOS devices.

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