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Death Stranding: Now Available for Free on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Free Game May 2023
Epic Games Free Game May 2023 1

Right now, the Epic Games Store is generously providing Death Stranding, without any charges. While the Epic Games Store is known for its weekly offering of free games, it’s a rarity to see a title as high-profile as Death Stranding on the giveaway list.

The Unexpected Freebie: Death Stranding on Epic Games Store

Usually, the free games presented by the Epic Games Store are less well-known. They tend to be independent games or older, less popular ones. Yet, every so often, Epic Games Store changes the game by offering more prominent titles. The free, larger games often come as part of the store’s mystery game events, and that’s the case with Death Stranding, which is currently available to claim.

From now till the upcoming Thursday, May 25th at 10:00am CT/4:00 PM in UK time, the store’s users have the opportunity to add Death Stranding to their digital libraries free of charge. You can click here and claim by visiting the official website. Some users might have already had Death Stranding in their collection, as it was a part of the store’s mystery game event in December last year. However, for those who missed out on that chance, this is a golden opportunity to obtain Death Stranding.

Death Stranding Free Game 1

The fact that Death Stranding has previously been given away for free might render the start of the latest Epic Games Store mystery game promotion a tad disappointing for some users. Nevertheless, it certainly sets high expectations for the forthcoming mystery games. Regardless of its polarising reception at launch, no one can dispute that it’s a rare treat to see a high-budget, triple-A game like Death Stranding given away for free via the Epic Games Store.

The PC Edition of Death Stranding: A Rundown of New Features

When Death Stranding was initially released in 2019, it drew mixed opinions from critics and fans. However, the PC version, which the Epic Games Store is offering, has new features that could potentially entice even those who weren’t particularly taken by the original release. This version offers useful in-game items to enhance gameplay, improved performance, a photo mode, and content from Half-Life. Despite being an Epic Games Store version, it’s worth noting that players can still access content related to Valve’s iconic gaming series.

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As of now, there hasn’t been any leak regarding the Epic Games Store’s upcoming mystery games, which is often the case. Users will have to hold on until May 25th to discover the next free game. Until then, Death Stranding should keep them sufficiently entertained.

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