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Regular users of the Epic Games Store know the score – every Thursday at 16.00 BST, the platform updates its free games and announces the upcoming freebies. This week, players can already claim two titles, with Breathedge and Poker Club becoming available for free on April 27th.

Currently, the free selections on the Epic Games Store are Never Alone and Beyond Blue, available to users until the time stated above, when they will be replaced by Breathedge and Poker Club. Beyond Blue, a diving simulation game, received mixed reviews upon its initial release, while Never Alone is a critically acclaimed co-op puzzle/platformer.

epic games store free games april 2023

The storefront is set to replace Beyond Blue and Never Alone with Breathedge and Poker Club in a week’s time on April 27th, so users should grab them while they still can. After the switch, Breathedge and Poker Club will be available for a week until May 4th. These upcoming on the house titles promise to offer its Store users diverse gaming experiences.

Full List Of Games

  • Never Alone: available from April 20 to April 27
  • Beyond Blue: available from April 20 to April 27
  • Poker Club: available from April 27 to May 4
  • Breathedge: available from April 27 to May 4

Breathedge, a survival game set in deep space, can be claimed for nothing. Despite mixed reviews upon its original 2021 release, it offers morbid humour and crafting mechanics typical of the survival genre. As it is complimentary to claim on the digital distribution service, there is no harm in trying it out for oneself.

Regrettably, Poker Club received even poorer ratings. It’s a poker simulation game that was first published in 2020, with reviewers criticising its sluggish pace and technical difficulties. Post-release updates apparently resolved some of Poker Club’s larger problems, but Epic Store users can download the game for free next week and judge it for themselves.

It remains a mystery what the Epic Games Store will offer for as a freebie next month, as users will have to wait until April 27th to find out. It’s sure to be exciting to see what the first batch of complimentary titles for the month will be.

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