Epic Games Store Reveals Two New Free Games For Halloween

Epic Games Store Halloween 2023 Free Games

Epic Games Store Continues Halloween Giveaways With The Evil Within 2 and Tandem as Next Free Titles.

Epic Games Store Halloween 2023 Free Games

The Epic Games Store’s current weekly free game offerings of Eternal Threads and The Evil Within will end on October 26th, with the storefront announcing puzzle-platformer Tandem: A Tale of Shadows and survival horror sequel The Evil Within 2 as the next complimentary titles from October 26th – November 2nd.

Epic is continuing its pattern of themed giveaways fitting the Halloween season. The creepy first-person puzzle adventure Eternal Threads and Shinji Mikami’s acclaimed 2014 horror game The Evil Within launched as free downloads on October 19th. Now their impending conclusion coincides with fresh frightening selections becoming freebies just in time for Halloween.

Two New Free Titles Up For Grabs

Epic Games Store Free Games October Halloween Special

Tandem: A Tale of Shadows utilises a unique split-screen presentation with players controlling both a child and his teddy bear separately to solve intricate puzzles and traverse eerie locations. Its Tim Burton-esque Gothic art style pairs well with the spooky setting.

Meanwhile, The Evil Within 2 represents a bigger follow-up to Mikami’s original survival horror opus, expanding the gameplay with semi-open areas. Claiming the first game free on EGS one week makes it convenient for players to continue the gory story directly with the second chapter the next week.

Epic Games Store users need only checkout the free titles during their claim windows to add them permanently to their libraries at no cost. This provides a zero-risk opportunity to sample titles one otherwise may have passed on for consideration.

The Promise of High Quality Titles On The Horizon

The subscription service has increasingly relied on costless game giveaways to attract more users to its PC marketplace since launching in December 2018. Fortnite’s phenomenal success has allowed Epic to fund generous promotions and discounts aimed at competing with rival Steam.

While Mystery Free games that debuted in 2020 have not yet recurred, 2023 has seen high-profile giveaways like the BioShock Collection. Epic has also committed to more upcoming exclusives and developer revenue-sharing incentives to further boost its digital storefront.

However, wider economic woes have affected Epic as well, with significant layoffs announced in October. Inflationary pressures on consumers may also limit the viable audience for full-priced titles. Providing quality selections helps bring in users the company can potentially convert to paid customers down the line.

The storefront faces the constant challenge of convincing players to fragment their libraries across multiple PC launchers. But the regular freebie offers help them continually expand the catalogue of titles available exclusively on EGS.

While discounts occur on various platforms, freebie selections remain harder to come by. So the Epic giveaways help add unique value not found elsewhere. And the themed offerings catering to Halloween festivities demonstrates their ability to capitalise on current events.

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Some may debate the quality of the selected titles or their release timing promotions. But the digital distribution service giveaways undoubtedly provide chances to play titles one might otherwise miss, cost-free. Only time will tell whether the strategy fully pays off by converting freebie players into paying faithful.

For now, those appreciative of horror themes can grab The Evil Within before it vanishes from the Epic Games Store on October 26th. And a tale of creepy shadows awaits free claimers the very next week.

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