EA Motive’s Iron Man Game Trades Frostbite for Unreal Engine 5

Iron Man Flying Over Canyons

EA’s Upcoming Iron Man Video Game Will Use Unreal Engine 5 Technology.

Iron Man Flying Over Canyons

EA recently confirmed its in-development Iron Man video game is being built using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 toolset. The high-profile Marvel title is the next project for EA Motive after 2022’s acclaimed Dead Space remake. Moving from EA’s proprietary Frostbite engine to industry-leading Unreal 5 represents an exciting transition.

Motive served as a support studio on Star Wars: Battlefront 2 before releasing their first solo title, Star Wars: Squadrons, in 2020 using Frostbite. However, Iron Man marks their first external engine usage. According to Motive GM Patrick Klaus, Iron Man remains early in pre-production following Dead Space’s launch just nine months ago.

Studio Has Experience Tailoring Aerial Mechanics from Past Games

Tony Stark Cinematic

The studio’s experience crafting Squadrons’ space flight could prove valuable when translating Iron Man’s signature aerial maneuvers into engaging gameplay. And Unreal Engine 5 enables leveraging cutting-edge technology to bring Marvel’s armoured Avenger to life.

Unreal Engine 5’s realistic visuals and advanced physics have made it an attractive option for many studios. Impressive Matrix and Gears of War tech demos previewed Unreal 5’s capabilities prior to full games releasing this year like survival horror Scorn.

Some of gaming’s most high-profile upcoming titles are harnessing Unreal 5’s power, including mythic action game Black Myth: Wukong and psychological horror revival Silent Hill 2. Iron Man now joins this next-generation development wave.

EA has faced criticism in the past for technical issues in franchises like Mass Effect and Anthem partly attributed to their Frostbite engine. While Motive found Frostbite success with Dead Space and Squadrons, Iron Man presents a fresh start.

The move could signal a larger EA shift away from Frostbite. For now, it allows Motive to leverage Unreal 5’s extensive cinematic and open-world toolsets for Iron Man’s single-player story. Ray tracing and nanite technologies can render Tony Stark’s armour and environments with unbelievable detail.

Tony Stark Working on Iron Man Suit

Marvel fans are surely thrilled to see the beloved Avenger on the cutting edge. After Dead Space exceeded expectations, Motive continuing to evolve technically bodes well for crafting an ambitious superhero experience. Their collaboration with Marvel should yield an authentic realisation of the character.

This transition to external tools like Unreal while Dead Space utilised internal Frostbite also reflects Motive’s ongoing growth. The studio is balancing remote and in-office workflows to maximise creativity. The devs aim to elevate their capabilities and push boundaries.

More Avengers Titles On The Way

The move to Unreal Engine 5 empowers Motive to reach new heights on Iron Man. Their experience with aerial and physics combined with Unreal’s features can make this title truly soar. This engine evolution parallels the studio’s own progress.

Of course, being early in production means details remain scarce currently. But the developers steady momentum and commitment to quality is reassuring. Their expanded Marvel partnership could yield something truly special.

It will take time before Motive’s ambitious Iron Man vision materialises. But they have charted an exciting new course. This isn’t the only Avenger Marvel are working on too, Black Panther is getting a massive solo gaming debut soon as well.

Black Panther Game Cliffhanger Games

Some may understandably wonder whether switching game engines mid-stream could delay Motive’s momentum. But their methodical approach to pre-production aims to ensure a smooth transition. Adapting to new technology is part of any studio’s evolution.

For Electronic Arts, this shift aligns with expanding beyond proprietary tools to embrace industry-leading options. As Epic continues advancing Unreal Engine 5, EA can focus resources elsewhere while benefiting from cutting-edge third-party innovation. It signals a willingness to adapt rather than became entrenched in internal tech.

The Iron Man Game is currently in development.

Source – EA Motive

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