Free Access to Nearly All Items in Marvel’s Avengers with Update 2.8

marvel avengers patch 2

Marvel’s Avengers has released its final update, making all cosmetic items in the Marketplace available for free. The live service game had a rough launch and despite adding six new playable characters and numerous story missions, it failed to gain traction.

The announcement in January that Crystal Dynamics would halt all support for Marvel’s Avengers, and that the Update 2.8 patch would be the final one, meant that the game would not receive additional heroes, much to the disappointment of players. However, players will no longer have to pay real-world currency to unlock the game’s many alternate skins.

marvel avengers patch 2

Update 2.8 also brings a pair of new skins for Marvel’s Avengers, Iron Man’s Variable Threat Response Battle Suit and Thor’s 1,000,000 B.C. Outfit. The former is available to players who have earned at least one Marvel’s Avengers Achievement before April 1st. The patch notes list final buffs for heroes and several tweaks to the user interface and gear system, with a hotfix Update 2.8.1 addressing the last issue with Faction Terminal Missions.

While Update 2.8 unlocks nearly all Marketplace items for free, it is also bittersweet for fans, marking the end of all official support for the game. Crystal Dynamics stated that Marvel’s Avengers’ servers will remain online for the foreseeable future, so players will be able to enjoy their free Marketplace items after the game is delisted in September.

The official Marvel Avengers Twitter account posted a tweet about this information as seen below and the entire patch notes can be viewed by clicking this link and visiting the official Avengers Crystal Dynamics website.

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