Last Chance to Grab Marvel’s Avengers on the Cheap

Marvel's Avengers Video Game
Marvel's Avengers Video Game

Superhero flop Marvel’s Avengers is slashing its price to £3.29/$3.99 ahead of being permanently delisted this month, giving video games fans one last chance to assemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on the cheap.

The co-op brawler from Tomb Raider studio Crystal Dynamics launched in September 2020 to scathing reviews. Disappointing post-launch support saw new heroes, free content and story DLC’s trickle out at a glacial pace over two years, failing to evolve Marvel’s Avengers into a compelling live service experience.

Support Ended Earlier This Year

Marvel's Avengers Hulk

Inevitably, Square Enix pulled the plug earlier this year, announcing plans to remove the game from digital stores in September. The final content update in March fittingly unlocked all cosmetics for free.

Now, with delisting looming on September 30th, Marvel’s Avengers digital price has plummeted to £3.29 on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam stores, letting superhero diehards grab it for a bargain basement price. Bafflingly though, the definitive edition remains full price at £39.99 on Xbox.

With Crystal Dynamics moving on to new projects like the next Tomb Raider game, ending support for the flailing Avengers makes complete sense. But for fans, £3.29 bags you a complete package including all additional heroes and story expansions for a pittance.

The Graveyard of Failed Live Service Games

Marvel's Avengers Winter Soldier

Avengers sadly joins the ever-growing graveyard of failed live service titles, unable to compete with juggernauts like Destiny 2, Fortnite and Apex Legends. Attaching the Marvel IP couldn’t prevent its downfall.

Upcoming DC title Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League seems to be attempting a similar evolving, multiplayer formula. Time will tell if it can avoid Marvel’s Avengers’ demise and build a lasting community.

For now, Marvel enthusiasts still have a week to assemble their squad one final time for the price of a pint. Despite its flaws, at this negligible cost, the title offers fans hours of budget superhero entertainment before the curtain closes for good.

While the game will remain playable for existing owners after delisting, new buyers have a closing window to grab this serviceable slice of fan service on the cheap.

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The superhero title never reached its universe-spanning potential. But as a cut-price swansong, it lets players create their ideal super-team and save the world from evil-doers for mere pennies. You’d be quicksilver to miss out on that.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently available now for Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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