Horizon Emotional New Memorial Honors Late Actor

Horizon Emotional New Memorial Honors Late Actor
Horizon Emotional New Memorial Honors Late Actor

Guerrilla Games has added a touching in-game memorial to late actor Lance Reddick in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC. Players can now discover this tribute to Reddick, who portrayed the character Sylens and made his final Horizon appearance in the expansion.

The memorial can be found on the first island Aloy glides onto in the Burning Shores. It features Reddick’s name engraved inside a glowing circle, surrounded by a serene nature patch dotted with flowers.

Horizon Emotional New Memorial Honors Late Actor (Location)

Reddick Brought Depth to Sylens Since 2017

Reddick first brought the complex character of Sylens to life in 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn, returning for Forbidden West in 2022. As an antagonist-turned-uneasy ally, the brilliant but dangerous Sylens propelled Aloy’s story forward through his morally ambiguous pursuit of Old One technology, and significantly assisted Aloy in taking down many of her hostiles using various weapons and attachments.

Though rare, this video game memorial carries special resonance. Burning Shores explores the post-apocalyptic ruins of Hollywood, so honoring an acclaimed Hollywood actor within its world is perfectly fitting.

Reddick was cherished by Horizon developers and fans alike for fully committing to the role of Sylens and lending the enigmatic character immense depth. Preserving his legacy in the virtual world he helped build ensures new players will continue appreciating Reddick’s contributions for years to come.

The actor tragically passed away at age 60 in March 2023 from heart disease complications. He was slated for cameos in the upcoming John Wick spinoff Ballerina and the game Hellboy: Web of Wyrd.

Though no tribute can fill the absence left by Lance Reddick’s passing, this solemn memorial in Burning Shores offers some solace. It permanently etches his name into the Horizon universe, much like how his iconic performance as Sylens is etched into the franchise’s identity.

Fittingly, the memorial can be found amidst natural beauty, reflecting Reddick’s love of gardening. Aloy kneels before it in reverent silence – a wordless but moving testament to his impact. As long as Horizon’s story continues, Reddick’s spirit will remain through this tribute.

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Horizon Forbidden West is accessible on PS4 and PS5 – The Burning Shores DLC only on PS5.

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