Amazon Reveals New Free Prime Gaming Titles For October

October 2023 Prime Gaming
October 2023 Prime Gaming

Amazon has revealed the lineup of free games being offered to Prime members through Prime Gaming in October. The service provides subscribers a selection of complimentary PC games to keep each month, along with exclusive in-game content.

Complimentary Games for October 2023 via Prime Gaming

  • October 5th: “Grunnd” on Amazon Games App invites players to step into a nightmarish Halloween-themed realm, where they’ll navigate ominous environments, unravel eerie puzzles, and confront terrifying creatures.
  • October 5th: “Ghostwire: Tokyo” on Epic Games Store immerses players in a world where deadly supernatural forces have erased Tokyo’s population in an instant. Face the unknown and wield elemental abilities against the prowling spirits as you unravel the dark truth behind Tokyo’s disappearance.
  • October 12th: “The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters – Deluxe Edition” with a GOG Code takes you through an abandoned school filled with vengeful spirits and grotesque creatures. Confront these harrowing horrors and unearth the school’s dark secrets.
  • October 12th: “Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp” with a GOG Code is a zany Halloween-themed dating simulator set in a hilariously spooky camp environment.
  • October 19th: “The Textorcist” with a GOG Code transports players to a Halloween-inspired world where they assume the role of a professional exorcist. Utilize typing skills and face supernatural horror to confront demonic forces and unravel an eerie narrative in this gripping top-down gaming experience.
  • October 19th: “Golden Light” on Epic Games Store offers an indie game experience that captivates and chills. Enter a spooky, surreal world where you embark on a journey filled with unnerving mysteries and bizarre encounters.
  • October 26th: “Super Adventure Hand” on Amazon Games App draws you into a whimsically unsettling world. Armed with a magical hand, embark on a captivating journey through spellbinding puzzles and enchanting landscapes.

7 Total Complimentary Games Coming Next Month

Amazon Prime Games October-2023

October’s offerings feature 7 free titles across genres and platforms. The headliner is Ghostwire: Tokyo, the inventive first-person supernatural action game originally exclusive to PlayStation and PC. Ghostwire: Tokyo now arrives for Xbox, letting Prime members experience its stylish haunted Tokyo setting filled with spectral threats.

For horror fans, The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters brings intense Korean survival horror as players attempt to escape a deserted, demon-filled school. Uncovering the disturbing secrets within tests courage and resourcefulness.

Seeking lighter scares, Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp humorously returns to the zany monster dating simulator franchise with new summer camp twists. And The Textorcist blends typing exercises with bullet hell action during exorcisms.

On the adventure front, indie psychological mystery Grunnd transports players beneath the facade of an ordinary town to uncover surreal horrors. While handcrafted 3D platformer Super Adventure Hand features a sentient hand traversing vivid danger.

Also Free Loot and Content for Major Titles

Beyond full games, members also get special in-game loot and content in October for titles like Call of Duty, Dead by Daylight, Diablo IV and more. Plus unrestricted gaming offerings through Amazon’s Luna cloud service.

Variety is the highlight of October’s Prime Gaming lineup. Major hits like Ghostwire: Tokyo make it a notable month, but the diverse mix provides choices tailoring to frights, laughs or platforming thrills.

Amazon Prime’s complimentary monthly selections provide low-risk opportunities to try genres outside one’s comfort zone. And potentially discover new favorites or franchises worth investing in down the road.

Of course, quality varies month to month. But the value Prime Gaming adds through free games and content makes the subscription service even more enticing. Perks like these help Amazon attract and retain Prime members in the competitive streaming space.

For avid gamers already paying for Prime, becoming active with Prime Gaming is a no-brainer. And occasional players may find October’s buffet of complimentary picks well worth exploring to kick off the Halloween season.

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