Amazon Prime Gaming Subscribers Score Big With September’s Free Games

7 Free Games For Prime Gaming In September 2023

Amazon Prime Gaming Reveals September’s Free PC Game Lineup.

7 Free Games For Prime Gaming In September 2023

PC gamers get ready to expand your libraries, as Amazon has unveiled the latest bounty of free titles coming in September for Prime Gaming members. As always, the selections span a diverse range of genres sure to please all tastes. There are seven titles available for download in total.

Football Manager 2023 Leads the Pack Starting September 7th

Kicking off the month is the highly anticipated Football Manager 2023, arriving September 7th. This management simulation offers unmatched depth for armchair managers seeking to lead their club to glory. Establish tactics, manage rosters, and take the team all the way with realistic depth.

Football Manager’s complexity and realism has won great acclaim over the years, scoring 81 on Metacritic. Gamers worldwide have praised its intricacies and engaging journey. Unfortunately Brazilian fans will miss out this round.

On September 14th, two more freebies unlock for members. First is Ozymandias, a 4X strategy game challenging you to build an empire starting in the Bronze Age. Alongside it, RPG Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy delivers turn-based tactical combat centered around five veterans.

The following week brings a nostalgic one-two punch. First, point-and-click adventure Dexter Stardust transports players back to the ’90s with its vibrant retro stylings and galaxy-trotting mystery. Then, Shotgun King offers a chess spin by having every piece fire projectiles for deadly grid-based battles.

Lastly, September 28th offers both Unsolved Case for hidden object aficionados, and Hundred Days – a refreshing simulation about crafting fine wine at your own vineyard. Relaxing yet engaging, it’s perfect for unwinding in your own custom wine paradise.

In-Game Goodies for Destiny 2, FIFA 23, and More

Download Free Games On Prime Gaming September 2023

Beyond full games, Prime subscribers also get in-game goodies for titles like Destiny 2, FIFA 23, Pokemon Go and more. For instance, Destiny players can grab an exotic emote pack through September 29th.

Overall, Amazon continues to impress with Prime Gaming’s selections. First Football Manager 2023 and now strong secondary titles like Ozymandias – marrying highly anticipated new releases with hidden indie gems is a winning strategy.

The variety ensures all types of PC gamers stay engaged each month. As libraries expand with beloved classics and fresh discoveries, being a Prime member pays dividends beyond just delivery perks.

So check the Prime Gaming offerings frequently, and 2023’s best experiences could be free. This September’s bountiful crop kicks off an exciting end-of-year run – the best deals are yet to come.

Source – Prime Gaming Blog

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