Epic Games Store Offers Two Free Games For August 2023

Epic Games Store Free Games August 2023
Epic Games Store Free Games August 2023

The Epic Games Store’s ongoing weekly giveaway promotion continues, with Europa Universalis IV and Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You slated as the next free titles from 10th to 17th August.

Epic liberally provides free games to attract users to their burgeoning platform and launcher. Players can conveniently check upcoming offerings while claiming the current selection.

Current Week’s Offerings – Bloons TD 6 and Loop Hero

This week grants Bloons TD 6 and Loop Hero at no cost until 10 August, 4pm British Summer Time (BST)/10am CT. The Bloons tower defence franchise boasts an established following, whereas the innovative Loop Hero garnered significant critical acclaim upon 2021 release. Both are quality choices for those yet to experience them.

Free Games From Epic Games Store For August 2023

Free Games For August in the Epic Games Store
Free Games For August in the Epic Games Store

Next week’s picks offer hundreds of hours of expansive strategic gameplay and an acclaimed narrative-driven surveillance thriller respectively. Europa Universalis IV, Paradox Interactive’s storied 2013 grand strategy release, receives ample ongoing support through paid DLC expanding the base experience. Reviews remain largely positive given the game’s immense depth.

Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You conversely delivers a compact, story-focused journey critiquing governmental observation methods. With equally strong reviews, this complements Europa Universalis IV nicely as a concise, thought-provoking affair.

Epic’s latest offerings should intrigue the store’s dedicated userbase more than this week’s decent but unremarkable selection. While Bloons TD 6 and Loop Hero undoubtedly have merit, both featured previously as giveaways. Veterans likely claimed them already, diminishing value for committed followers.

Repetition is rare for Epic’s initiative but does occur, evidenced by this week. For newer users missing either game initially, this represents a boon, ensuring no title is permanently missable. But those claiming every free game weekly gain minimal benefit from repeats.

Fortunately, Europa Universalis IV and Orwell seem fresh selections set to engage the core Epic Games Store audience anticipating each Friday’s reveal. Paradox’s epic grand strategy escapades and Orwell’s novel cautionary tale about state observation ideally suit mature gamers keen on substantive experiences.

Check the Epic Games Store weekly to avoid missing out on premium giveaways. Consistent offerings might periodically repeat, but the overall quality remains commendable. And you might discover an unplayable classic like Europa Universalis IV absolutely free.

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