Claim Under the Moon – Your Free PC Game Today: Don’t Miss Out!

Under The Moon Game
Under The Moon Game
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PC gamers can now claim the 2022 title Under the Moon for free in a GOG giveaway. In recent years, many in the gaming community have overlooked GOG in favour of Steam and the Epic Games Store. Nonetheless, GOG continues to be the ideal choice for PC users seeking aged titles on the platform.

Bamya Games, the developer of Under the Moon, describes it as “an indie, platformer-riddle game” on the official Steam page, “featuring great stylised graphics and atmosphere.” It has a “Positive” rating from Steam buyers and offers over 100 riddles for players to complete. Under the Moon joins the list of quality free platformers currently available, blending elements of the platformer and riddle genres to create a unique experience worth trying, especially when it’s a freebie.

Be Quick! Claim Your Free Game Now

Players can claim Under the Moon for free on the official GOG website, but the offer will soon expire. This deal is only available until the early morning of May 1st. So interested players must act fast. GOG has a strong history of offering free titles, such as the indie game Deep Sky Derelicts during the platform’s Spring Sale.

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Gamers who are unsure about Under the Moon should seize the opportunity to claim it for free. It might not immediately become a priority in their gaming backlog, but it’s a great option to have for future play. Although the game costs £3.99 on Steam, getting it for nothing is always a plus. Additionally, the GOG giveaway is DRM-free, avoiding controversial DRM systems like Denuvo that can stir up the gaming community.

Besides Under the Moon, various platforms currently offer freebies for gamers. By searching in the right places, gamers can find special offers like the recent giveaway of four games on Steam and the frequent giveaways on the Epic Games Store, making the hobby less expensive.

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