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Currently, Steam users have the opportunity to claim four games for free, including Octodad: Student Edition, Antbassador, IndependANT, and Snakedate. It’s not uncommon for users to come across complimentary titles on the digital distribution service, either for a limited time or as permanent additions to their libraries, provided they add them to their accounts before the deadline.

Gamers were recently able to get their hands on Desktop Dungeons for nothing on Steam. However, this offer has now expired, as it was only available until Tuesday, April 25th at 17:00 am BST. Fortunately, there are currently four other new releases that users can claim for nothing.

It is unclear whether these games will remain free indefinitely or if this is a limited-time offer. Regardless, users are advised to claim them now to avoid missing out. All four selections are published by Young Horses and are reportedly part of their “Young Horses: Free Range initiative.” These titles are all newly released, having launched for free on April 25, 2023.

The Four Titles Available

  • Octodad: Student Edition
  • Antbassador
  • IndependANT
  • Snakedate
Image Credit Young Horses

Snakedate is a dating app for snakes, while IndependANT puts players in the role of a courageous worker ant. In Antbassador, users control a giant human finger as they navigate an ant colony. Octodad is likely the most recognisable title among these selections that you may have heard of.

This is likely due to the success of its sequel, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, and developer Young Horses’ subsequent game, Bugsnax. It is worth noting that Octodad: Student Edition is a re-release of the original 2010 game, whereas Dadliest Catch is available for purchase on multiple platforms.

As of now, all four games have very few or no reviews on Steam, making it difficult for players to gauge their quality. Nevertheless, this opportunity allows gamers to explore new titles for free and add them to their Steam libraries.

Aside from these titles, users can explore numerous free-to-play games, many of which have received overwhelmingly positive reviews. So be sure to take a peek at what freebies you can land and comment below which titles you think are worth it.

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