Steam Overhauls User Interface: All-New Features and Updates

Steam Client Update June 2023
Steam Client Update June 2023

The latest update for the Steam desktop client has been rolled out, sporting a fresh and slick look. Valve, the masterminds behind Steam, stated that this latest modification seeks to redefine more than just aesthetics, as it has made substantial tweaks to the system’s core to boost its performance across all platforms: desktop, mobile, and the upcoming Steam Deck.

Steam’s User Interface Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

In the not-so-distant past, Valve revamped Steam’s search functionality. The update aimed to provide users with a more intuitive and efficient way of digging out games or developers. This transformation was driven by Valve’s keen observation of user search patterns on both mobile and desktop platforms. The adjusted algorithm ensures that if you’re hunting for games from a specific series, the most popular ones from that franchise appear first, along with a dedicated hub on Steam if it exists. But that was just a prelude to Valve’s magnum opus, the latest update.

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As soon as users hit the refresh button, they’ll find the newfangled June 14 update for Steam in action. The Steam Library now flaunts a fresh typeface on the desktop version. Moreover, the Notifications tab has been spruced up, a cosmetic upgrade that will benefit mobile users and future Steam Deck owners. The Downloads tab too hasn’t been left behind.

A Boost for Mac and Linux: Hardware Acceleration Comes to Steam

It now features a game icon at the base of the client, dancing along with a download bar. In a move that ensures parity across all platforms, Mac and Linux users can now enable hardware acceleration, making their Steam Desktop client experience on par with the Windows version.

The in-game overlay has also had a facelift, now presenting desktop users with a more contemporary appearance and some nifty new features. There’s a spanking new toolbar at the bottom of the screen that users can customise by selecting and arranging widgets to their heart’s content. One such widget is the innovative Notes feature, previously trialled in a Steam Beta client build.

Bug Fixes and Controller Updates

These notes can be tacked onto the overlay, appearing above a game for easy referencing. Saved in the cloud, users can keep tabs on their notes across multiple devices. Pins can be cleverly utilised to attach videos and browser pages onto the game window for swift access. Beyond these enhancements and novel fonts, this update also tackled a few bugs in the Steam client, including one that affected the operation of DualSense Edge controllers.

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With this transformative Steam update and the eagerly awaited release of Counter-Strike 2, Valve is proving that it’s far from resting on its laurels this summer. However, the question remains: what other tricks does the PC gaming behemoth have up its sleeve for the Steam community in the future?

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