Halo: The Master Chief Collection Lands on Steam Deck

Halo: The Master Chief Collection On Steam Deck
Halo: The Master Chief Collection On Steam Deck
Image credit 343 Industries

Steam Deck users can now play Halo: The Master Chief Collection, as confirmed by 343 Industries. The game’s features, including the multiplayer and custom games that require Easy Anti-Cheat, are fully supported on the handheld device alongside the campaign. Other Halo titles, like Halo Wars: Definitive Edition and Halo: Spartan Strike, are also verified to be playable on the Steam Deck, not just Halo MCC. Despite not being verified, you can still play Halo Infinite on the handheld.

The official Halo Twitter account made the announcement, which included a video of Halo MCC being started up on a Steam Deck that was surrounded by various Halo memorabilia and the user giving a thumbs up. You can take a look at the tweet for yourself below:

Via Halo Official On Twitter

In case of any issues encountered while playing on Steam Deck, 343 Industries has requested players to capture it through a screenshot or a recording and submit a Flag Report ticket. It should be noted that any issues related to Steam Deck encountered during gameplay cannot be addressed by 343 Industries through a Bug Report ticket. Users should capture it through a screenshot or a recording then use the Flag Report system.

We should say as a warning that there have been a lot of complaints about bugs and glitches so you must be prepared to at some point run into this. The developers are working on making the game crisp and bug free so patience is going to be needed. Let us know your thoughts on whether you’re thinking of getting the game on Steam Deck or if you’re gonna give it a miss by leaving a comment in the footer section.

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