God of War Ragnarök Update 4.00: Unlock New Game Plus Today

God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus
God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus
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Sony has just launched a new update for God of War Ragnarok that has brought highly anticipated features to the game such as New Game+ and an increased level cap. Even though God of War Ragnarok received critical acclaim and numerous awards after its release last year, Sony has continued to improve the game which will please all fans of the action-adventure title.

The details for update 4.00 were posted on the official PlayStation Blog and after many fans had completed the God of War Ragnarok story, there was a clamor for the game to introduce a New Game+ mode. Such a mode would allow players to relive Kratos and Atreus’ journey with their hard-earned equipment. Finally, five months after its initial release, Sony has launched a new update for God of War Ragnarok that includes the highly anticipated New Game+ feature.

Everything You Need To Know About Update 4.00

Revamp your gameplay experience with the new God of War Ragnarök NG+ mode, featuring new equipment, higher level cap, and fresh Enchantments. Once you’ve completed the game, you can hop right into a NG+ save to relive the story with more gameplay options available from the beginning.

Your weapons, equipment (including the Draupnir Spear), and skills from your previous save will carry over, granting you access to your full arsenal from the start.

Kindly note that Sonic and Hex arrows, as well as the Draupnir Spear, will not be accessible at the start of the game. The sections that necessitate the use of these items will remain inaccessible until you reach the part in the primary storyline where they are obtainable through the plot.

Brand New Equipment

New Shield – Spartan Aspis

Kratos’ Heritage Shines Through the Reappearance of Spartan Aspis in God of War Ragnarök.

The Spartan Aspis is a shield resembling the Guardian Shield but with a narrower parry window, requiring more precise timing. However, the payoff for successful parries is more significant damage to enemies.

To acquire the Spartan Aspis, players can purchase it from the Huldra Brothers’ Shop using Hacksilver.

Zeus Armour

With the Zeus Armour equipped, players can adopt an ultimate risk-reward playstyle, as the set significantly amplifies their Melee and Runic damage while also increasing the damage taken from incoming attacks. The raw power of this armour allows players to unleash devastating blows on their enemies, but they must be cautious as a single hit could bring Kratos down.

To acquire the Zeus Armour, players must defeat Gná, the Valkyrie Queen, and complete certain Remnants of Asgard on a New Game+ save.

Ares Armour

The Ares and Zeus armours make a comeback in God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus mode, featuring updated visuals and perks for an improved gaming experience.

The Ares Armour offers a chance to drop a Health Stone upon impact, which can be stomped to gain Rage and witness a massive explosion. This armour is available for purchase with Hacksilver at the Huldra Brothers’ Shop.

Spartan Armour

If you’re looking for the ultimate challenge in God of War Ragnarök, the Spartan Armour is what you need. This set has no Perks, no Stats, and is locked at Power Level 1, offering a stripped-down approach to protection.

For those who want to push their skills to the limit and take a no-frills approach to battle, the Spartan Armour is a perfect fit. And if you’re not into the Spartan aesthetic, you can always transmog the armour onto another set to maintain protection while achieving the desired look.

You can acquire the Spartan Armour at the Huldra Brothers’ Shop for Hacksilver.

Armor of the Black Bear

The Armour of the Black Bear provides Kratos with much-needed protection against the harsh Fimbulwinter climate. It prioritises Strength and Defense and comes with a perk that unleashes a barrage of Bifröst shards when you perform a last-second dodge.

You can start your NG+ playthrough with the Armour of the Black Bear equipped and ready to go.

God of War Ragnarok Armour

Render Mode in Black and White

If you’re aiming to revisit the story with a cinematic twist, then you’re in luck. Upon completing the game, you can unlock the Black and White Render Mode, which is available for both NG+ and standard New Game saves.

To access this new mode, simply navigate to the Graphics & Camera settings menu. You’ll also have the option to skip those sometimes annoying cinematics, the choice will be yours.

End Of Game Bosses Shake Up

Have you become accustomed to fighting the Berserker Souls and the Valkyrie Queen Gná? In NG+, Sony made sure to introduce some changes to the toughest optional fights, so even if you’ve defeated them before, they’ll still provide a challenge when you face them again.

New Armour Combinations And Styles

If you want to add some variety to your armour collection, Sony have updated 13 of the existing armours with fresh colour combinations and styles that were previously not available.

You can purchase these new appearances from the Huldra Brothers’ Shop and apply them to any of your Level 9+ armour in the transmog menu. Additionally, the new appearance for the Berserker Armour can be obtained by defeating the Berserker King on NG+.

Brand New Enchantments

If you have trouble deciding on armour due to the Perks, then the new Enchantments in the shop are perfect for you. These Enchantments take powerful and versatile perks from Armour (Engravings) and Shield Rönds (Badges) and allow you to equip them in your Amulet.

Suppose you have a favourite chest piece like the new Cuirass of Ares, but you’re not ready to give up the perk from the Dragon Scaled Breastplate. In that case, you can purchase the Dragon Engraving, which gives you the Dragon’s Fury perk, and equip it in your Amulet. This way, you can combine the perks of two different chest armour pieces at once. This enables you to combine two different chest armour perks simultaneously.

The multitude of new options available for Enchantments will motivate and incentivize you to come up with intelligent builds, especially since the most powerful ones demand certain Stat thresholds to be fulfilled.

Stat Boosts

Upon defeating the Berserker Souls on NG+, you will receive Enchantments that provide significant boosts to certain stats, allowing you to further enhance your preferred build. Although not as visually striking as some of the Perk Enchantments, these bonuses are still highly valuable.


The newly introduced Burdens Enchantments provide players with an opportunity to add negative Perks to their build, creating a more personalised and challenging experience. The Burden of Evasion, for instance, triggers the Frost status effect whenever Kratos performs a roll.

If you’re looking for an incredibly challenging gameplay experience, you can combine the Burdens with the Spartan Armour. The Burdens are a new set of Enchantments that allow you to equip negative Perks for a more customised challenge. For example, the Burden of Evasion will inflict Kratos with the Frost status effect whenever he rolls.

Additionally, we’ve included a new UI option called “Show Difficulty” (Difficulty HUD Visualisation), which will show the current difficulty setting and the number of Burdens equipped on the HUD. This feature lets you show off your skills to your friends.

That’s pretty much the must know information regarding the latest update, for the full list of changed make sure to visit the official PS Blog where the rest are detailed. Make sure to check back regularly for all the latest news on God Of War Ragnorok and follow us on social media to stay right up to date.

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