Cities: Skylines 2: The Promotional Typo Causing Turbulence

Cites Skylines 2
Cites Skylines 2

Cities: Skylines 2 and the Promotional Typo That Stirred Up Confusion

A slip of the keypad in a promotional write-up for upcoming strategy game Cities: Skylines 2 has sowed a hefty amount of misunderstanding within the game’s fanbase. The blunder led players to believe that the game’s playground would be significantly larger than what’s realistically on the cards. Colossal Order, the game’s creator, quickly jumped in to clear up the murkiness, but the community’s now simmering with discontentment over the corrected details.

Some critics already questioned whether Cities: Skylines 2 bit off more than it could chew. This unfolding kerfuffle adds another log to the smouldering controversy. Despite the majority of previews sparking optimism, the actual area up for exploration is a bone of contention. It’s still uncertain how this wrinkle will smooth out before the game’s autumn release.

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In an attempt to clarify, Colossal Order recently stated that Cities: Skylines 2 would furnish maps spanning a maximum of 159 square kilometres, trimming down the initially advertised 175 square kilometre boast. Beyond this, the developers held their tongues, leaving the community ruminating over what this implies – the playable realm might shrink compared to the modded original Cities: Skylines game, and that’s a tough pill to swallow.

A Twitter post by AgentAlways offers a stark visual comparison. Interestingly, the projected maximum size for Skylines 2 comfortably overshadows the original game’s area but fails to match up to the modded version. The modded original set the benchmark for many, fuelling expectations for the sequel. However, let’s not overlook the unique buildings promised in Cities: Skylines 2, potentially adding a sprinkle of diversity that was previously absent.

Exciting Features and Upcoming DLC for Cities: Skylines 2

Despite the sequel showcasing a commendable level of sophistication and depth, as demonstrated in the Xbox Games Showcase, shaking off the community’s map size angst may be a hurdle for Colossal Order. It’s not necessarily the size of the city but what you do with it, right? Still, it’s understandable if fans are feeling deflated.

That said, there’s an abundance of reasons to be thrilled about the game, particularly for those who never quite managed to conquer all 81 modded tiles available in the original Skylines, it’s a gargantuan space, to be fair. For those chomping at the bit, they might want to stick with the predecessor for now. Cities: Skylines has some tantalising DLC in the pipeline before the sequel hits the shelves, with a mini expansion as the icing on the cake.

Cities Skylines 2 is gearing up for release on October 24th, 2023, for Windows PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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