Cities: Skylines Set to Receive Final Expansion and New Content Creator Packs

Cities Skylines Final Expansion
Cities Skylines Final Expansion
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Paradox Interactive has announced that the final expansion for strategy title Cities: Skylines, ‘Hotels & Retreats,’ will be released on May 23rd, bringing an end to the game’s ‘World Tour.’ Along with the expansion, several Content Creator Packs will also be released on the same day, including the Brooklyn & Queens, Industrial Revolution and Railroads of Japan.

Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order said:

“Revealing the last Cities: Skylines expansion and content packs is a bittersweet moment. Cities: Skylines has always been about empowering players to build the cities of their dreams, and the expansion and Content Creator Packs will provide the final tools and options to do just that,”

With “Hotels & Retreats,” players can start with a small hotel chain and work their way up to fancier and more luxurious establishments. Some of the key features of the expansion include:

Hotel Management

Begin with budget-friendly one-star hotels and work your way up to more lavish establishments as your revenue and popularity grow in the Hotels & Retreats expansion for Cities: Skylines.

Hotel Buildings

From hostels to cabins, to luxurious resorts, Cities: Skylines’ Hotels & Retreats expansion allows players to add a range of hotel buildings to their city, each with its own unique budget.

Tourism Buildings

In addition to hotels, the Hotels & Retreats expansion introduces new supporting structures such as parks, restaurants, playgrounds, and cafes that enhance the experience for guests.

Map/Location Changes

Strategic placement of hotels in different locations will be crucial since various locations attract different tourist groups. The expansion also introduces five new maps designed specifically for hotels, including three European-inspired maps, a tropical map, and a temperate map.

The Content Creator Packs

Brooklyn & Queens

Content Creator Prosper brings you a new pack called Brooklyn & Queens that includes over 60 growable buildings and props. The pack is inspired by the architectural style of Brooklyn and Queens, and is perfect for decorating the facades and rooftops of your city. The pack includes rental signs, window air conditioners, exhaust fans, stairways, and more medium-rise high-density residential buildings and props.

Railroads Of Japan

Experience the authentic Japanese railroad scenery in Cities: Skylines with “Railroads of Japan,” a new content creator pack from Ryuichi Kaminogi. The pack includes various stations, trains, buses, and other decorative items that will make your city’s commute look and feel like the ones in Japan. Witness your citizens travel around your city using the metro, bus, and railroad while decorating their commutes with networks, props, and police stations.

Industrial Evolution

Experience the evolution of industrial buildings with the “Industrial Evolution” Content Creator Pack from Samantha “Avanya” Woods. With over 70 new growable buildings inspired by historic and modern industrial architecture, this pack features a variety of styles from red brick walls to sleek industrial complexes.

Paradox Interactive has revealed that two new radio stations, Piano Tunes Radio and 90s Pop Radio, will be available for Cities: Skylines players on May 23, alongside the launch of the final expansion ‘Hotels & Retreats’. Piano Tunes Radio offers 16 tracks of “whimsical and elegant” piano music, while 90s Pop Radio will feature 16 classics from the era.

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Additionally, the expansion will allow players to build luxury accommodations and tourist attractions, starting with a small hotel chain and expanding to fancier establishments, along with new maps, structures, and buildings. Check out the trailer for the expansion below.

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