Epic Games Store: Rolling Out Free Gaming Delights for July 20th

Epic Games Store Free Games July 20th 2023
Epic Games Store Free Games July 20th 2023

As gaming enthusiasts know, Epic Games Store has been serving a assortment of tantalising free digital titles on their platform, rolling out games like clockwork for free, much to the delight of their audience. This past July 13th, the store bid farewell to the gritty horror-meets-Metroidvania-meets-Soulslike mashup, GRIME, replacing it with the riveting Train Valley 2.

Epic Games Store: All Aboard for Train Valley 2

With the departure of the previous selection, gamers flocked to the platform to grab the latest offering with gusto, eager to dive into this thrilling adventure. Now, if you missed the ‘Train’ this time around, fret not! Epic Games Store is already warming up for the next rotation on July 20th, when Train Valley 2 makes way for the thrilling Murder by Numbers and the ever-popular Elder Scrolls Online.

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Epic Games Store maintains an impressive pace with their game rotations, rolling out new options every Thursday. This consistent pattern, much like the unwavering reliability of an old steam locomotive, sets EGS apart from the random release schedules of other platforms such as Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus. It’s quite possible for one to be engrossed in the present week’s Train Valley 2 whilst also eagerly anticipating the forthcoming titles.

Epic Games Store: Exploring the Newcomers – Murder by Numbers and The Elder Scrolls Online

Epic Games Store New Freebie July 2023

Come July 20th, at 4 pm UK/10 am CT sharp, the switch will be flipped, replacing the train tycoon adventure with Murder by Numbers and The Elder Scrolls Online, both of which will be available up until July 27th. Murder by Numbers takes players on a nostalgic trip to 1996 L.A, transforming them into Honor Mizrahi, a key player in a sinister murder plot involving a deceased boss, sudden job termination, and a helpful robot.

In contrast, Elder Scrolls Online, a well-known behemoth in the MMO space, allows players to wander across the expansive landscapes of Tamriel, assuming any role they fancy. But, while we excitedly await these fresh offerings, let’s not forget that the delightful Train Valley 2 remains up for grabs until the 20th.

Dedicated to train lovers and simulation game fans, Train Valley 2 presents an engrossing blend of trains, tycoon-style gameplay, and puzzle-solving. It comes complete with achievements, DLC add-ons, and more, truly an exhilarating adventure for any enthusiast. But for those who aren’t excited, well, all they have to do is wait a week for the rotation.

The variety that Epic Games Store parades is nothing short of staggering – from the Metroidvania Soulslike, Grime, to the train tycoon journey of Train Valley 2, the murder mystery in Murder by Numbers, and the sprawling MMO universe of The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone in this digital gaming trove.

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Remember, Epic Games Store regularly hands out complimentary gaming treats, so keep an eye out!

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