Nintendo Switch Controller Gets a Hori Zelda-Themed Release Incoming

Nintendo Switch Zelda Themed Controller
Nintendo Switch Zelda Themed Controller

Enter Hori, the third-party gaming accessory maven that’s been stealing our hearts and emptying our wallets with its delightful, customised controllers.

Hori’s Gaming Accessory Expertise

This hardware wizard has created controllers for the big three – Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox – and it’s not just churning out your standard fare. Oh no, Hori delves into the fun side of gaming, making controllers that celebrate specific games. Monster Hunter, Super Mario Bros and Animal Crossing fans, for instance, have been known to go weak at the knees for Hori’s specialised creations.

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Now, keep your excitement contained and put a paper bag at the ready because Hori is about to give us another fan-favourite gem – a controller dedicated to none other than The Legend of Zelda. Cue the swooning.

This officially licensed Nintendo controller, set for release on the 5th of October, 2023, is a sight to behold. Clad in a royal combination of white and gold, this beautiful controller would be fit for Hyrule Castle itself. The white serves as the controller’s primary hue, with its buttons shining like golden nuggets. On the top, the Triforce symbol boldly holds court, while the bottom right corner hosts a dignified decal of our hero, Link, in his Twilight Princess era incarnation. Excited much? You can pre-order it on Amazon right now for a mere $30 USD.

Sony literally just announced a matter of hours ago a brand new access controller to help gamers who suffer with epilepsy, colour blindness and light sensitivity. So it’s definitely been a day for controllers in the gaming world today.

Nintendo Switch Controller

Now let’s talk functionality. This is a wired controller for the Nintendo Switch, sporting a USB cable that extends a generous 10 feet. This means it’s not just Switch-ready, but can also serve as your PC gaming controller. The controller is equipped with added perks such as actuated shoulder buttons, a removable D-pad attachment, and an extra-speedy turbo button for good measure. There is a small trade-off though; compared to Nintendo’s Switch Pro controllers, it does lack the gyro and vibration functions. But for Zelda fans, the aesthetic payoff is likely well worth it.

Beyond the Controller: More Zelda-Themed Accessories from Hori

But that’s not all. Hori isn’t stopping at just a controller. They’re about to drop a plethora of other Zelda-themed accessories, set to keep Zelda fans busy (and skint) throughout the year. Coming up at the end of August, we’ll see the ‘Tears of the Kingdom Split Pad Pro’. This set of controllers can be attached to the Switch console like a pair of Joy-Cons. But instead of the Joy-Con grip, it provides a more traditional controller feel. And there’s more! Also on the horizon is a wireless Horipad Pro, flaunting its Zelda-theme, which is set to release later in July.

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These Nintendo Switch controller options from Hori are more than just functional; they are potential collector’s items for any avid Zelda fan. So, prepare your rupees, it’s going to be an exciting year for Zelda enthusiasts.

Source: Amazon (via GameSpot)

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