Jack Jeanne Becomes a Top-rated Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Jack Jeanne
Jack Jeanne

Riding high on the wings of success, Nintendo Switch has pulled a rabbit out of the hat with its exclusive game, Jack Jeanne. Its successful landing has splashed a striking 94 rating on the scoreboards, marking it as one of 2023’s top-performing video game launches.

Stepping into the Spotlight: The Success of Jack Jeanne

Nintendo Switch hasn’t just had a ball this year; it’s pretty much owning the dance floor. With mega hits like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom raking accolades and Metroid Prime Remastered mirroring Jack Jeanne’s stellar 94 score, it’s fair to say that it’s raining success in Nintendo’s courtyard.

The thrill-a-minute ride Nintendo Switch is enjoying in terms of quality game offerings shows no inclination of putting on the brakes. Even the whispers of a fresh ‘Switch 2’ in the pipeline hasn’t held back the current console from belting out one hit after another. Pikmin 4 is in the pipeline for release in a few weeks, a fresh WarioWare is set to make an entrance later in the year, the much-anticipated Super Mario RPG remake has finally seen the light of day, and Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been earmarked for an October release.

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As Switch aficionados wait in anticipation for these heavy hitters to land, their attention may be drawn towards Jack Jeanne, a gem of a game that has managed to skilfully manoeuvre beneath the radar. Debuting in June, Jack Jeanne puts a spin on the visual novel genre by integrating rhythm sequences, offering an intriguing gameplay element.

This innovative approach seems to have caught the fancy of critics, pushing Jack Jeanne to the enviable position of a 94 overall rating. This may very well fluctuate as more reviews pour in, but for the time being, Jack Jeanne holds the esteemed title of one of the year’s most highly-rated game launches.

The Switch Top Five: Dominating the Charts

The critical acclaim garnered by Jack Jeanne has bolstered Nintendo Switch’s impressive tally of five games in the top 10 highest-rated new releases this year. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Metroid Prime Remastered lead the charge, followed closely by Jack Jeanne. Puzzle-lovers’ delight Tents and Trees and Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s DLC Future Redeemed are hot on their heels, boasting ratings of 92 and 90, respectively.

It’s hard to contest that Nintendo Switch is having an absolute cracker of a year. While it may lack some of the year’s biggest titles like the Resident Evil 4 remake, Street Fighter 6, Final Fantasy 16, and Diablo 4, the fact that it dominates half the slots in the top 10 emphasises the impressive variety in its gaming catalogue.

Source: OpenCritic

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