Pikmin 4 Releases Playable Demo with Exclusive Rewards

Pikmin 4 Demo
Pikmin 4 Demo

A playable demo trial of the much-anticipated Pikmin 4 has hit the gaming scene, complete with incentives aplenty. One such lure for gamers? A crossover with Pikmin Bloom. Interestingly, this fantastic nugget of news has surfaced just days post the game’s most recent trailer, which teases the franchise’s maiden feature.

Pikmin 4 Free Demo: A Rewarding Experience

If we step back into the annals of gaming history, we’d land in 2001, when the GameCube was graced with the launch of the inaugural Pikmin game. Fast forward to 2013, and we’d hit the release of Pikmin 3 on the Wii U – marking the end of the new releases from the primary Pikmin series. Nintendo, however, kept the Pikmin fires burning over the next decade with a slew of re-releases and spinoffs, including the 2021 mobile game Pikmin Bloom, created by the masterminds behind Pokemon GO – Niantic.

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Today, we’re on the brink of welcoming Pikmin 4. To tantalise fans further, Nintendo’s dangled a carrot in front of us with a gratis playable demo, replete with rewards for completion – a tantalising Oatchi-Rider Costume, to be precise, that can be donned in Pikmin Bloom. Gamers worldwide can now download this 4.8GB appetiser, with the assurance that any progress made in the demo will seamlessly transfer to the full game.

The Game-Changing Pikmin 4 Demo and Its Rewards

The taster will allow gamers to craft and modify their Pikmin 4 characters, plunging headfirst into the opening act of the game’s narrative, with the objective of procuring 1,500 units of energy before the in-game day draws to a close. Besides this, the demo also serves a piping hot dish of the franchise’s trademark blend of RTS and puzzler gameplay and is garnished with a generous helping of two-player co-op.

But wait, there’s more! From July 7th to October 19th, Nintendo’s partner retailers will showcase this demo at select locations. Triumph in this in-store version, and you’ll be rewarded with a QR code redeemable for 200 My Nintendo Platinum Points. However, this version will only be available in certain American retail locations: Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart.

Pikmin 4’s Retailers’ Partnerships: In-Store Gaming Treats

Nintendo is currently running a nifty promotion: Pre-order the digital version of Pikmin 4 and pocket 10% of the purchase price in My Nintendo Gold Points – double the standard loyalty bonus rate. This translates to a $6 discount (or 600 Gold Points) on a full-priced game, applicable towards other eShop purchases and DLC. Anyone who’s already pre-ordered Pikmin 4 will find the extra points in their account. While this offer could extend beyond Pikmin 4’s July 21st release, it probably won’t stick around for too long.

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Unlike the Gold Points promo, the exclusive Pikmin Bloom costume offer seems to be here to stay. After completing the first day in the full game, players will be able to redeem the bonus item from the My Nintendo Rewards website – no demo required!

Pikmin 4 is set for a grand launch on July 21st, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Source – Nintendo.com

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