Rare GameCube Console from 2000 Found After 23 Years

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A highly elusive edition of the Nintendo GameCube was recently discovered 23 years after its initial production, potentially making it the most exclusive variant of the console to date. The recent success of the Metroid Prime remaster has undoubtedly contributed to the resurgence of nostalgia for the GameCube, and this discovery may be one of the most significant revelations about the console’s early history.

Many fans who enjoyed the GameCube during its heyday continue to remember it fondly. Despite underwhelming sales and mixed reviews after its 2001 debut, the console boasted a selection of top-notch exclusive games. Such as Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing, Eternal Darkness, and Super Mario Sunshine. Furthermore, the GameCube featured one of the best Nintendo controllers ever made, known for its simplicity, sleek design, and comfort.

One Of A Kind Collectable

Recently, Console Variations, an old-school console database, managed to acquire and showcase one of the rarest GameCube consoles in existence: the SpaceWorld version. Designed specifically for display at the SpaceWorld 2000 event where the GameCube made its public debut, this version bears a strong resemblance to the official release, at least on the outside. However, it is not fully operational since it was not the final version. Nintendo created these models solely for the purpose of presenting the new design.

According to Console Variations’ website, a mere five units of this device were ever produced. However, each one came in a different colour: Indigo, Black, Gold, Silver, and Pink. This makes it one of the rarest consoles ever made, even though the model is non-functional. Should it be sold, this console could command a hefty price online, especially considering the current trend of rare GameCube games selling for exorbitant amounts. This particular piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

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