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Ouya Games Console Launches In June 2013

Many of you may not have heard of it just yet, but there is a new home video games console on the scene. The Ouya game console will be out in retailers this June for around £65 or $100 respectively.

It has an Android operating system which is running it’s only version of and it supports 1080p HD via using a HDMI lead/connection. There will even be an exclusive Ouya store where you will be able to purchase loads of apps. The Ouya store will also have various games for sale for the system.

It will use an operating system in the form of the Android 4.1 and have 8 GB of fresh flash storage. The Ouya console looks exactly like a cube and is so small it will not take up that much space in your living room. The controllers for the console look very much like PlayStation controllers.

The controller will also be wireless and as for memory, you will get 1 GB of Ram as well. As stated above, the Ouya Console will be out at some point in the month of June this year. We will have more news on this brand new console throughout the year.

Ouya Console
Ouya Console

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