The New Sony PlayStation 4 Controller Info

PS4 Controller

There has been an image that has been leaked over the Internet in the last couple of hours that is supposedly the new Sony PlayStation 4 controller. To be honest, there is only two other websites that the image is on at the moment and our site is now the third.

So don’t be surprised if you will be seeing PS4 controller leaked trending on Twitter soon. This is a big story, as every gamer in the world would surely want to see what the next gen console controller looks like.

From what we see in the image, the new look controller has a bright blue light on top in the middle. It also has the official PlayStation logo in the middle bottom of the controller. Also, there looks like there is some sort of touchscreen or touch-pad in the centre too.

We don’t know yet if this image is officially real or not, but it has leaked online and we will all soon find out at the PlayStation conference next week. Check out the photo that everybody is talking about below.

PS4 Controller
PlayStation 4 Controller

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