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Sony PS3 Price Drop Expected This Week

Everyone is looking forward to the Sony PlayStation meeting that is going to take place this week. In the meeting, the Sony PlayStation 4 is expected to be unveiled to the public eye for the very first time. Also though, Sony are planning to make an announcement about the PS3 aswell.

With everybody interested in the unveiling of the PS4, those of you who thought the PS3 was a little on the pricey side will be pleasantly pleased. The PS3 is expected to get a price drop and be cheaper than ever before. Currently you can pick one up for around £170, but that will be slashed to just £100 for the future.

Sony will want to sell as many PS3 consoles just before the release of their big console to capitalize on profits. It’s a very smart idea, and one that will be welcome by gamers alike.

Microsoft will then most probably drop the price of their console the Xbox 360 to compete with Sony. There are also rumours that you will be able to stream PlayStation 3 video games on the new PS4. Are you happy about the news of a cheap PS3 being announced? Let us know by getting in touch with us below.

PS3 Price Drop
PS3 Price Drop

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